My Journey to a Completely Automated Twitter Empire

Hello, everyone! I am a long-time creeper, and have finally decided to create an account. The reason I am creating this journey is to help motivate me in my IM pursuits. I feel that tracking my daily stats will give me accountability & force me to work hard on this journey. Hopefully this will provide you guys with entertainment & motivation also. Lets begin!

To start my journey, I will begin with two accounts. Both accounts
are relatively old (4+ months) & have confirmed emails attached to them. Both also already have followers & content posted because I started this journey a week ago.

Account #1
My first account is in the TV niche. Without revealing the account, I’ll just say it shares content relating to a popular comedy TV show. Essentially this account will consist of posting character quotes & pictures from the show. Yes, I know this niche is saturated, but I enjoy the show, and I figure I might as well have fun with this. More fun = more productivity.

  • My primary focus on this account is quality. I want to gain active followers & establish a good base.
  • This account will tweet about once every hour. Due to the nature of the account, each post will be unique.
  • I will be follower churning, but at a very safe rate, to avoid issues.
  • I may consider favoriting relevant tweets, but I need to find a good way to automate this.

Account #2
The second account is surprisingly more unoriginal than the first. Unlike the first account, this WILL be annoying. It will simply be a follow 4 follow type account.

  • My primary focus on this account is pure quantity. I don’t care if the followers are real, I just want numbers.
  • This account will tweet as often as possible, including retweet 4 follow tweets.
  • I will be follower churning as aggressively as possible while trying to avoid repercussions.

The reason I am creating this account to get good numbers is so that I can eventually turn this account into a quality account, and people will be more likely to follow. (Do you follow the account that is following 10k & has 2k followers? No.) Good ratio is key.

Goals(per account)
[ - ] Automati0n


There are no monetary goals because I am far too early in this journey to consider monetization, yet.

The most unique part of this journey is that I plan on automating this entire process! I am an aspiring software dev & have written a couple bots for various REST api’s. I already have the framework in place for a Twitter bot, but I haven’t had time to make fully automated (still bugs, no error handling, and very messy code.)

Day 0:
Account #1: 1,697 followers : 1,234 following
Account #2: 1,470 followers : 1,224 following

Hope you enjoy following my journey! :cool:

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