StrokesPlus v2.8.5.30 (+ Portable)

StrokesPlus v2.8.5.30 (+ Portable)StrokesPlus v2.8.5.30 (+ Portable) | 10.2 Mb
StrokesPlus is a completely free mouse gesture recognition utility for Windows which allows you to create powerful mouse gestures that save you time. With rocker support, modifiers, and the robust Lua engine built right in, there’s virtually no limit to what you can automate.

Traditionally, you begin a mouse gesture by holding down the right mouse button and drawing something, like the letter R for example, then release the right mouse button. This triggers the application to process your drawing and perform the specified action. The most common actions are maximizing/minimizing windows, navigating back/forward, or automated logging into a certain website. However, StrokesPlus takes it to the next level, giving you ultimate control over exactly what happens when your action executes.

Native code; no frameworks or runtime dependencies (uses very little RAM)
Built-in Lua processor
Endless gesture and modifier combinations
Granular control over program settings and actions
Many time-saving functions exposed to the Lua engine
Create global hotkeys for actions without using the mouse

Windows XP SP3 or higher
Pointing device (mouse, pen, touchpad)

Scripting experience is very helpful
Decent graphics hardware, unless you disable drawing gesture lines

Whats New:
- Corrected documentation for acSendWindowToMonitorByName and acSendWindowToMonitorByHandle
- Fixed bug in acDisplayBalloonTip where title or text length exceeding the lengths defined in NOTIFYICONDATA would cause S+ to crash
- Added parameter to acDisplayBalloonTip to optionally play the default sound along with the balloon tip
- Removed “Executable” from StrokesPlus.exe description, now just StrokesPlus (display reasons)

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